Saturday, 15 May 2010

Phoenix Radio: The World Goth Day Takeover.

Its World Goth Day on May 22nd, and Phoenix Radio kindly donated a whole bunch of airtime to me to fill up with back to back goth shows & mixes.

I would like to loudly thank Nigel Wordsworth who runs Phoenix Radio for offering up the airtime in the first place, and of course fellow Nightbreed DJ's Martin Oldgoth, DJ Po, DJ Wolfman and DJ Ghost of Charnel House Radio for contributing shows especially for World Goth Day, without these people, you'd only have an hour of goth to listen to on Phoenix Radio on the 22nd May!

The mixes inbetween the shows are ones that I've previously had aired on Radio Nightbreed apart from 'Oldgoth's Girlie Show Mix' which is obviously Martin's mix.

12.00 - 80s & 90s Gotherama
13.00 - Charnel House WGD Special
14.00-16.00 - Wolfmans Monster Mash
16.00 - Oldgoth's Girlie Show_Mix
17.00 - Trinity Show World Goth Day Special
18.00 - Winterborne
19.00-21.00 - Fadeout WGD Special
21.00 - Hex In The City Revisited
22.00-00.00 - Thirteen13 WGD Special

Tune in to Phoenix Radio on

I've just got wind that the initial 12 hour takeover has been extended to *24 HOURS* as the schedule will be repeated after midnight so that international listeners can catch it all too.

How great is that?

12 noon to midnight of 22nd May: First play
Midnight to noon: repeats (4pm - 4am US Eastern time)

So everyone should be able to listen in wherever they are in the world. Nice.

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