Thursday, 21 October 2010

New (ish) show on Nightbreed Radio

November. Not an unusual month by any means, and carries no particular highlights (apart from my birthday-send me anything you like as long as it's cash), so it seems a good idea to break the cycle of its mundanity for once, and of that which has been quietly niggling away at the back of my mind with Fadeout.
I'll be the first to admit that I'm on average, quite happy with how the show has been going for the past three years, but while I have the space and flexibility to try something a little bit different in the format and the motivation to try it out, I'll do exactly that.
From Sunday 7th November 2010, Nightbreed Radio will play host to a new monthly show which will replace Fadeout's weekly airing, though Fadeout will air as normal on Phoenix Radio in the usual weekly format. It's an exerimental move for me, and if it doesn't work out then I'll simply put Fadeout back on the roster for Nightbreed.
Having racked my brains & agonised at length about a new show name, I decided on...The Other Fadeout Show.
It was funny at the time, and I appreciate how it gets steadily unfunnier the more time goes on, but as working titles go, it's at least accurate.
If I decide to change the show name in the future (likely) I'll let you know, but I'm still planning to have it aired at 8.00pm GMT every Sunday evening, just as Fadeout currently is being aired.
"The Other Fadeout Show" if of course, will be quite similar in feel to Fadeout, except each show will be aired for a whole month because (a) uploading a new show to the Radionomy server every week actually takes longer than the show lasts, and (b) unlike Fadeout, you've got more chance of catching the show 'on air' which will be the only option you'll have of hearing it as I'm not planning on releasing the show as a podcast.
Musically I'll be broadening the spectrum a little bit, though I'll still be keeping the Goth/Dark Alternative spirit of Fadeout alive within it.
I also see the show playing host to some great interviews I've aired in the past, so if you missed out on hearing Rogue from The Cruxshadows, Toyah Willcox, Voltaire, Fields Of The Nephilim, Peter Murphy, you'll get your chance to hear it again in the coming months.
The first instalment of The Other Fadeout Show will be scheduled for Sunday 7th November (my birthday, hint hint) at 8.00pm GMT. Please feel free to tune in and feel even more free to give me feedback on what you hear-did you like it, hate it were'nt able to tell the difference from any other Fadeout show?
To a certain degree your feedback will dictate what happens in the future. Right now I'm playing with ideas and feeling a little creative & inspired, so God only knows what I'll come up with next...

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