Monday, 4 April 2011

Radio Fadeout: The Mix Archive

To cut a long story short (though i don't really need to ; it's my blog, dammit), I got a new car over the weekend. After many years of driving round in rudimetary automobiles that barely have an engine & wheels, I've finally joined the ranks of drivers with cars that have central locking and - amazingly - a CD player.
To take full advantage of the latter, I knew I had to do what is almost expected of me; fill the entire car with CD's to listen to. Not quite like some people who have them spilling out of every crevice & compartment that the car possesses, but definitely enough to temporarily quell my insanely short musical attention span.
That's when I remembered Radio Fadeout.
Back in the days of my old weekly goth night Hex In The City, I used to create a podcast consisting partly of tracks played at 'Hex' to give people a bit of a taster as to what they should expect if they turned up. At the same time, I'd burn these mixes of music to CD to use during the first quiet hour or two of the night where maybe only a few people would be in. I'd stick it on & go round saying Hi to people, asking how they were, etc. It was that sort of night; a welcoming atmosphere where you could come in, feel at home & more inportantly, want to come back next week as well.
Anyway, many years after Hex, the CD's I made all sat in storage, never seeing the light of day. I had made 22 of them in total running from September 2004 to December 2006. I'd lost the very first one to the pub Hex In The City was hosted in; I'd lent it to the landlady & never saw it again. However, the rest are still in good condition & waiting to be stuck in a CD wallet in the car. But not before I ripped them to single MP3 format mixes first.
I'm still wading my way through the labourious task of individually typing out & embedding the playlist into each file-I'm on number 9 at this point-but when I've finished, I'll upload the lot to my 4Shared storage for everyone to have (if you want it of course), so you can own a little piece of Hex In The City history. All 21 mixes, weighing in at just a few seconds under 21 hours.
Owing to the amount of playlist info & dates, I think I'll probably create a web-page of download links so you can have a bit of a read while you're downloading. I'm nice like that.
Watch this space.

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