Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sleaze On Toast; an Alt 80's night in Telford!

A blatant excuse for both Jim & I to crack out the 'diet goth' for a night and entertain the folks for whom all that suff was the soundtrack to their lives before the kids, the marriage & the day job? Maybe.

But it's all for charidee, mate.

We're planning a similar fundraiser event in Shrewsbury for the S.O.P.H.I.E campaign in September, so watch this space.
UPDATE: it seems that the magic of the t'interweb is available to us onstage; this will enable us to be able to 'tweet' our playlists as we go, so you can see what we're playing more or less live on the night. Hopefully that will magically encourage those of you who are elsewhere on the night to haul ass down to the Haygate for last orders or sooner.

Let's face it, it's either that or the telly, and you're not missing anything on the idiot box on a Friday night...

UPDATE #2: I'll be sticking QR codes around the pub which, if you possess a smartphone and a relevant app, will magicly transport you to the Twitter search string for any posts with the hashtag "#sleazeontoast", which is what we'll be putting after each tweet containing a song we've played. Once again, this is entirely dependant on the gods smiling on us tonight and allowing us the internet connection to do it...

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