Monday, 15 August 2011

Forthcoming Ankst Remix and more...

This weekend I finished off the first remix I've ever done since 2007 for South African Gothic rockers Ankst.
It's for a track called 'Natal' from their forthcoming EP 'Epitaph'. It'll join several other remixes done by various artists, and as yet I have no idea who else is joining in on the project, so stay tuned to see what else the remix will be rubbing shoulders with on the release.

The last one I worked on was 'All You Used To Be' by The Faces Of Sarah. Since then, I had done some pre-production mixing of tracks for Kidderminster based industrial metal outfit Oak, due to them liking what I did for their first release 'Torn'. It turned out that I taught them a few things mix-wise, and was called into their studio for further guidance. Not bad, considering I know bugger all regarding the technical aspects, and rely solely on what my ears have heard over the decades.

I'm currently waiting on the remix stems for a track by US Deathrock legends Kommunity FK after frontman Patrik asked for me to contribute a remix. Once again, watch this space for details.

During a period when I'm beginning to look back on my roots as a musician rather than solely be a DJ & radio presenter, this is a nice segue into what hopefully might be a return to the stage one more time before I fall off my perch...

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