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Emergency Exit Festival 2013

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The Emergency Exit Festival enters it's second round on March 30-31st 2013.

As with the first Emergency Exit Festival, the venue is the Schlachthaus in Dornbirn, Austria, close to the border of Germany and Switzerland. This time it is extended with the café of the youth center, where you can sit down for eating, drinking and talking. This time there will be several label's offering merch next to the band merch in a separate room.

The hosts are none less than the Static Magazin Germany, who have gained an excellent reputation with their online magazine, booking, events and lots of other campaigns for more than 3 years now.
Also and the New Old Way Party, which has consistently kept its "Goth rock only" program for more than 6 years in the 3 country zone. So it's no surprise, that the line-up is a Goth rock and Post Punk Fest at its best. From long-established heroes to younger high achievers, everything can be found here. The following bands will perform at the Emergency Exit Festival 2013:

Grooving in Green (UK)
With their debut album "Post Traumatic Stress", Grooving in Green have already earned a relatively large fan base which, could be extended by the new album "Stranglehold". You can easily hear that the two guitarists already strummed the strings with Children On Stun. To perfect the line-up, they recruited singer Tron (ex-Solemn Novena) , who also takes care, that the Stun-mark is maintained while giving it a very new sound.

Red sun Revival (UK)
Mastermind Rob Leydon is not an unknown within the Gothic Rock scene. He has already proven that he's right for this genre, while a part of Voices of Masada,. With Red Sun Revival he tops it once more; combining soft Neo-Folk / Classical influences, with Gothic Rock, comparable to Fields of The Nephilim. Aimed guitars, a comfortable violin, solid drums and a strong bass perfect the interplay.

The Stompcrash (IT)
A rather new band, but one, you should keep an eye on, has already formed in Mailand in 2002. With their different styles, every song gets its own note and and a different feeling of , what they want to express with their lyrics, that are often about love and death. The sound is, partly reminiscent of, the early 80s, when bands such as The Cure, The Mission and Siouxsie & The Banshees called out a new age with great Gothrock and Post Punk. But in no way do they just copy the sound, instead giving their its very own touch.

The Last Cry (UK)
The Last Cry have already enjoyed great popularity. Their debut album "Walking to The Edge" already counts as a classic of modern UK Goth rock / Dark Wave. With their intensive live performance, which is very hard to describe, yet extremely intoxicating, they already found a lot of new fans at the Emergency Exit Festival 2012. The high demand for the band eased the decision, to invite them to the Emergency Exit Festival again, and to let them play as the headliner.

Twisted Nerve (UK)
Thise Scottish legend of Post Punk of the very first hour, has already caught a lot of attention on the European continent. For the Emergency Exit Festival they leave their coffins once more, to bring us their live set which ,has entertaineds parties and pulleds the people onto the dance-floors for over 30 years. Here you can experience music history!

Berlin Black (UK)
Mastermind Chris Tuke has been striking terror into people's hearts for a number of years. In the early 2000s he rocked the stage on guitar and the bass with Screaming Banshee Aircrew, always looking for new challenges. The challenge was found on the microphone, which he perfectly masters, as none else, nowadays. Musically Berlin Black are in a twilight zone, somewhere between Bauhaus and Theatre of Hate... Shrieking guitars and an enormous voice make the tone here.

Aeon Sable (GER)
It gets harder and harder to find the right words, to describe the mixture of classic and modern elements of the Essen-based gothic rock duo Aeon Sable – the perception of this form of music is too different .. Aeon Sable achieve once more the balancing act between 80s flair and progressive gothic rock, without becoming icky or drift away into popular cliches.

The Festival gets support by Djs out of every corner of Europe once again.
DJ martin oldgoth, one of the best-known Djs within the Goth rock scene, with more than 30 years of DJ experience, will take care of fitting music between and at the aftershow party. He will be supported by DJ Cyberpagan, who works on the preservation of guitar-goth with years of experience as a DJ and promoter. DJ Gianfranco from Italy organizes concerts and festivals here and also organizes a lot in Italy, will be supporting them as well. The local DJs Illi (NOW Party) and Exciter (Static Magazin) will be behind the turntables now and then as well. A DJ line-up is as promising as the band line-up!

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