Friday, 12 April 2013

Lee's Law of Microwaves

Like any area of life, science has rules, constants or laws. Today I have discovered three as yet unstated events and have named them Lee's Law of Microwaves.

Lee's Law of Microwaves are:

1. All recipes for microwaveable meals will contain suggested cooking times for ovens incompatible with your power rating, eg. if the suggested cooking time is 2mins 30secs for 800W or 1min 15secs for 1000W, it is likely you own an 850W oven.

2. Where the contents of a cup are being heated by a microwave, the heating process will complete when the handle of the cup faces the furthest point from the door.

3. If clingfilm or other covering is used during the heating process, this is automatically regarded as a 'challenge' by the microwave. As a result, the most liquid and/or adhesive component of the food will be used to breach the weakest point of contact of the covering with the container until the liquid and/or adhesive component makes permanent contact with the glass plate underneath the container.

So there you go. I've done science so you don't have to.

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