Saturday, 1 June 2013

World Goth Fair: It turned out ever so slightly better than we expected...

So, World Goth Fair in Second Life has pretty much now come to a close. the Cursed event is shut, Port Seraphine is still open for the moment.

The initial figures are in and there will be a blog post on the WGF website tomorrow, But what I can tell you now is that right at the 11th hour we apparently broke the *1 million Linden Dollar barrier*, which in real currency terms is over $3500 (or over £2500).

Of that, a staggering 83360L was made in the licensed t-shirts due to 2084 separate sales of 40L per shirt (there appears to be a lot of gamblers in Second Life). This comes to over $300 or £200.

Obviously, this isn't the final figure, is approximate & doesn't take into consideration the commission cuts that Linden Labs & Paypal will take, but I think you'll agree that this is a pretty hefty sum. The final figures will be available to us soon enough, but...WOW.

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