Saturday, 23 November 2013

WANTED: Adverts for album & single releases.

To all bands & artists out there who might happen across this (hopefully widely shared) post.

I just had a thought. An epiphany, if you will.

If a band can record an album or single for public release, why not take the time to record an *advert* for its public release?
I play the same advert halfway through my show every week. It's nice and all, but wouldn't it be more fitting if I spared that 30-second break for something more appropriate and most of all, different?

So, to set the standard, if there are any bands or artists in the goth & dark alternative scene who have material coming out and who are prepared to record a short, preferably 30 seconds or so advert for it, I will play it on my show. It's not out of your ability to make, and really wouldn't be a waste of time to make, it might even be fun to do. I always appreciate your promos, and I'm happy to go that one step further if you will.

I'm also throwing this idea out to everyone else who presents a show, podcast, mix or whatever, wouldn't it be good to have not just promos, but the artists themselves plugging their music on your production?

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