Monday, 19 July 2010

Peter Murphy: The Fadeout Interview.

Charismatic Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy talks to Cruel Britannia about his upcoming solo 'Dirty Dirt' tour (see dates below) and recent cameo appearance as 'The Cold One' in the latest instalment of the Twilight films, 'Eclipse'.
Peter is also adding the finishing touches to his new studio album 'NINTH', which is due for release in the Autumn.

You can catch the interview on Fadeout on Phoenix Radio on Saturday 24th July and Nightbreed Radio on Sunday 25th July.


Fri, July 30 – Aletejo, Portugal – Evora Festival Alentajo
Sun, Aug 1 – Wolverhampton, UK – The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton Civic Halls
Mon, Aug 2 – Glasgow, Lanarkshire – UK Classic Grand
Tues, Aug 3 – Dublin, Ireland UK – The Button Factory
Thurs, Aug 5 – London, UK – Electric Ballroon
Fri, Aug 6 – Sheffield, UK – Corporation
Sat, Aug 7 – Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Festival
Sun, Aug 8 – Hamilton, ON Canada – Festival of Friends
Tues, Aug 10 – Toronto, ON Canada – Lee's Palace
Additional worldwide dates to be added

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Introducing...Nightbreed Radio!

Out of the ashes of Radio Nightbreed comes a brand new dynamic station that features THE BEST and darkest music in the world...NIGHTBREED RADIO.

Our intention is to play the widest selection of tracks covering 80’s and 90’s classics as well as the underground releases of today from the Goth, Darkwave, Deathrock, Industrial and Dark Alternative genres. Even the automated playlist consists almost entirely of hand-selected tracks by its DJ's, so that you will experience less of that 'album filler' broadcast when you tune in at any time.

All of this painted upon the backdrop of the world renowned label, Nightbreed Recordings.

Nightbreed Radio is home to the hottest and most regarded Gothic DJ’s and shows as well as the coolest playlists in the world; a lot of hard work has been going on in the background to present what you will hear and see from today!

So how do you listen to this station?

1. You can head to our page at

Once you are there you can click on the page player or use any of the links to open the stream in any media player of your choice such as Itunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp

2 You can also get an iPhone app to listen to our station whilst you are on the move on your Iphone!

Just download the "Tuner" app from the app store (which costs about £ 3.00). Add the code below, name the station, then click 'add to bookmarks'.

Bands-we want you to send us your music to be part of the Nightbreed Radio Revolution.
Promoters-send us your event details so that we can spread the word.
The rest of you-tune in and spread the word. Let us know what you think of the station as Nightbreed Radio will only be as good as the people it serves!

Join the revolution!

Friday, 16 July 2010

All I need for 20 minutes...

A broadband internet connection at optimum working capability.
A house bereft of any inside or outside noise.
No salesmen or visitors of any kind.
Backup equipment running alongside main setup.
The Gods of technology smiling upon me.
As long as I have all of these together in one place at one time next week I shall have something special for you to listen to on the weekend 24th/25th July.
I'll update this accordingly after the event.

Monday, 5 July 2010

A time for change and giving.

Last week it was decided that Nightbreed Recordings and the social network site Pray Silence would part company. As of this weekend, Radio Nightbreed is no longer a going concern.
Very soon, Nightbreed Radio will be broadcasting from Radionomy with many of the original DJ's including myself, and will in all likelihood keep the same schedules for most of the shows.
We hope to give you the same if not better listening experience, and as we're operating the station as a team rather than one person looking after everything, we'll also try to give you far more 'uptime' than previously experienced when listening to Radio Nightbreed.
In the meantime, you can still hear Fadeout every week on Phoenix Radio ( every Saturday at 7.00pm GMT or download the podcast at as normal.
I'm also working on a podcast archive which will serve two purposes; (1) to make every show available since the beginning of the year as a download in case you missed any from way back, and (2) as a backup in case once again, my podcast page bandwidth allowance craps out. The price of popularity, I guess...
Watch this space; I'll be updating my official website this week with an archive page. If demand calls for it, I'll archive most or all of 2009's podcasts too.
I'm just too bloody generous to you lot, aren't I?

I've just included a link to the archives on my Downloads page at

(I've also increased the text size of this blog so Martin Oldgoth can read it. He said it was too small. Between you & me, I think his eyes are going with age... ;-)