Friday, 28 January 2011

A New Mix:Disturbia.

This week I put the finishing touches to a new mix born out of a need to create, experiment and the knowledge that it's been some time since I last made one.
"Cruel Britannia's Disturbia" is a combination of the more sinister leanings of a previous mix "Uneasy Listening Vol.1", random segues of noise & dialogue and the often ingeniously haphazard styles of music the late John Peel would air on his shows.
All the tracks in 'Disturbia' are of electronica, industrial and alternative (back when it was deemed 'properly' alternative music) genres, interweaved with oddments of noises & sounds from Brass Eye, Jeremy Kyle shows, ang god only knows what else. It's definitely not just another 'goth mix', it was never intended to be.
Whether it makes the grade of 'listenable' is purely a personal thing-it was certainly a bit disturbing when I played the whole mix back to myself (hence the name 'Disturbia'). At times it comes across almost like an amateur take on one of  P.Emerson William's Necrofuturist Transmission shows but with with a decidedly British sense of humour throughout.
Listen out for it on Nightbreed Radio in February. You'll either love it or hate it, but either way you couldn't ignore it.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

RIP Mick Karn; 1958-2011

From Mick Karn's official homepage:

"Mick finally lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at 4.30pm today, 4th January 2011 at home in Chelsea, London. He was surrounded by his family and friends and will be deeply missed by all."

Japan was one of my primary favourite bands during the 80's, and the almost snake-like sounds Karn's fretless bass made were so unique that almost nobody could imitate him. He was one of the main artists responsible for me wanting to play bass. RIP MIck.