Tuesday, 28 September 2010

An interview with Fuzzbox on Fadeout

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FADEOUT October 2nd-3rd features an interview with the UK's most successful all-girl indie band...FUZZBOX!

Shortly before taking to the stage at Shifnal Arts Festival last weekend, Vix, Mags & Jo chatted with me about their origins, what they did, why they stopped then got back together years later, what they're up to now and why Cliff Richard is lovely/a f*cking w*nker.

To hear FADEOUT, tune in (log on, whatever) every Saturday at 7.00pm (GMT) on Phoenix Radio and every Sunday at 8.00pm (GMT) on Nightbreed Radio.

If you miss it, you can download the podcasts of up to the past 7 shows at http://fadeout.podomatic.com.

The latest info on Fuzzbox can be found at http://www.fuzzboxfans.com.

Just think; if they'd stuck it out through the '90's, we might not have had to put up with the Spice Girls...

UPDATE: for the next few weeks you can download the podcast from my Podomatic page here, or more permanently from the Fadeout Archives, here.

Friday, 10 September 2010

...I guess you had to be there.

When I'm at work, I occasionally email TJ Nexus, the presenter of Phoenix Radio's Twilight Zone. This week his interests have turned to gathering almost everything on the ZTT label, responsible for such acts as The Art Of Noise, Propaganda and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
His closet passion for the latter act is legendary among our friend network, if you bear in mind that we only have a small social circle.
This is his short re-enactment of Paul Rutherford joining Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
Holly (on phone to talent agent):- I'm looking for an icon, someone that impresses on first glance, someone that looks like they take no messing, a god on the dancefloor, a backing vocalist with the voice of an angel.
Agent:- Well, I have a half baked Freddie Mercury lookalike you can have cheap...
Holly:- Is he gay?
Agent:- As a window, sir.
Holly:- Sold.
Personally, I always had my suspicions about their butch looking drummer. He's clearly in denial...