Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Campaign to get The Wake to play live again.

DJ martin oldgoth convinced them that releasing a best of would be a good idea. They released BLACKlist in 2008.
He pushed them a little more and they released a new track, 'Emily Closer'.
He tried to get them to play live again, and all the band are really up for it.
...except vocalist Troy who feels that there's not enough people  who would want to see them again. 
oldgoth, of course, wasn't going to settle for no as an answer. He's funny like that.
He's campaigning for The Wake to play live and rightly so. They're a fantastic band with an enormous roster of great songs, the type that deserve to be blasted from a venue's PA system with a live band as the source of input. Nightbreed Radio will no doubt be thrusting quite a bit of The Wake into the airtime because promotion of the goth scene is what it's all about for the station. Especially the stubborn, hard to motivate areas that normally require scrubbing or boil washing.

You can find martin oldgoth's FaceBonk group by searching for "campaign to get the wake to play live again". Join it and get Troy to change his mind. You know you want to, and deep down, you know he wants to as well.
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