Friday, 3 February 2012

FK'ing Death Dealerz - The Cruel Britannia Remix

I've just completed work on a remix for US Deathrock legends Kommunity FK. It's a lurching monster of a reconstruction of FKing Death Dealerz, a track which made its worldwide debut on my show last year in all its fresh out of the box glory.
The whole process took about 10 hours over a period of a week, carefully assembling vocal & guitar tracks into building blocks, then smashing them apart with a filthy steakhammer in the basement of Fadeout Towers...
Punishing locomotive drums & metallic beats underpin the guitars which have been transformed into growling feral wolves fighting against the technology tying them to the tracks. Patrik's vocals have been polished to within an inch of their lives then spotwelded without anaesthetic into what has become a speeding menace of industrial proportions.
Yeah. I'm dead chuffed with this. I've pulled about as much out of my limited computing power as I possibly could to create this. You'll hear it soon enough.

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