Friday, 16 April 2010

FFS. It's only a couple of days old...

...and now I find that my own Blogspot page has been 'net-nannied' at work.

Something which was perfectly accessible yesterday now has the big red Access Denied screen this morning (funny how they always make the text size so large on these notices that you can see them from space, or more specifically, your manager can see them from the other side of the office).

What an avalanche of total bastards.

This of course leaves me with three options; find another medium through which to vent my brain which is accessible via works already heavily restricted internet system & sit around waiting for that to be barred as well, give up altogether or stick with this and blog via email (as I'm doing now).
The latter won't allow me to edit the posts after to get rid of those annoying typo's that remain entirely invisible until the moment you publish it.
Giving up altogether is like bending over and taking it from 'the man' as he gleefully removes another previously accessible part of the only thing which stops you from wandering into the office with a freshly filed down sawn off shotgun one morning.
Finding somewhere else to blog seems like a waste of energy given the inevitablility a couple of days down the line.

If you have any solutions to how I can exercise my freedom of speech without subjecting members of the IT department to the wrath of a wooden chair, length of rope and a full set of rusty surgical instruments in a dingy boiler room, please let me know.

However, as the above method sounds far too much like unmissable fun, I'll probably follow up your ideas after a couple of weeks...

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  1. Aha. It appears that I can actually edit the post via works draconian internet access, I'm just not able to view the page. A small victory indeed for the freedom of speech (and of course, the ability to go back & make changes to it)...