Thursday, 15 April 2010

In other news...

Apparently vocalist Peter Steele of Type O Negative bought the farm this morning. There were reports that he’d faked his own demise not that long back, so I’m holding out on my usual uninteresting opinion until I can smell him decomposing.

I really don’t like all that macho goth-metal tripe and how it invaded the goth scene. It brought with it elements of homophobia and prejudice against the very people who had previously sought sanctuary in a place where artistic types, freaks & misfits were welcomed with open arms.

The punk scene lost Mclaren. The metal scene lost Steele. Rappers get shot on a daily basis so no change there. Goths have a lot of catching up to do in that respect, I should probably worry a little…

My sympathies go out to Steele’s family and friends, but not for what his band’s music stood for. Let it be said though that the type of people who are offended by my comments are normally the type of people who wouldn’t take any notice of what I say at any other time, so generally aren’t the type of people I’m talking to in the first place.

Off the back of that I’ve put a bottle of Jack to one side for when someone puts a gun to Dani Filth’s head.

You’re welcome.

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