Monday, 26 April 2010

...Which was nice.

I could go on for weeks about every aspect of the Whitby Gothic Weekend but I can guarantee that everyone else will have already done it or are in the process of doing it.
So here's my offering in bite sized chunks.

Drove up on Thursday in a freshly washed car with expertly packed luggage. Experienced a pleasant journey almost completely bereft of any traffic issues. B&B just as lovely as we'd remembered about when we used it in October.

DJing the SOPHIE Fundraiser, Thursday night @ The Spa: A right good laugh. Jamie's CD decks couldn't have been less ergonomic if they were facing the other way and switched off. Still managed to drag a half decent set out of myself through them. Other DJ's which probably had a better experience with the decks on the night were Jamie (aka Penfolds Nemesis), Martin Oldgoth (Thirteen 13's rum tester), Loki (Slimelight-tall bloke, funny as hell) and Ben (DJ from Tanz Macabre). A good night catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Friday: the daytime mostly involved trawling round all the stalls with a view to buying something, waiting for our passes to be issued or talking to renowned artist Anne Sudworth about Twitter and cakes.
Friday night @ The Spa: first night of main event. DJ'd with Cyber Andy (nice bloke indeed). CD Decks like something out of Star Trek-I loved 'em. Bands were brilliant, especially Deviant UK who I've seen a number of times. Having a drummer has shifted their dynamic-Jay Smith now seems to push himself harder on stage to keep the focus on himself, which is a good thing. This strangely included pulling some bizarre faces, about which I'll have to ask him later.
I also drank far too much cola, so by 3am I was unable to even blink, never mind avoid walking like someone out of Victorian film footage. I DJ'd the night out with party favourites, or as I like to call them, 'an entire set list of requests' (thankfully, no rubbish requests made on the night).

Saturday: the daytime mostly involved sleeping, or wanting to sleep.
Saturday night @ The Spa: Bands were great, Pretentious, Moi? were the band of the weekend in my humble opinion. Reminded me of all the best bits of when I first started watching the bands at WGW from 1999 onwards, largely on account of the band comprising of members of those bands. Also the only band I bought the CD of. It's pretty darn good. Go and buy it.

Sunday: packed the cases in a very haphazard fashion & was back on the road home for another pleasant journey in a car which apparently was sat underneath a thousand diarrhoea-riddled seagulls at any one time.

Once I get the playlists from Cyber Andy & Mr. Oldgoth for the two nights, I'll post them here.
I'll be back to Whitby in October for a slot at Nostalgia, Mr. Oldgoth's premier goth & dark alternative night held at the Raw club. I'll see you there.

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